Met Dept warns of floods

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has cautioned that most parts of the country`s low lying areas will experience flush floods.

According to Director in the Department Jolamu Nkhokwe, the said floods are due to a downpour the country is expected to receive in the few next days.

“As from Sunday, 3 January to next Sunday 10 January 2021, most areas over the south, centre and north of the country are expected to experience widespread waves of rainfall.

Which will occasionally associated with thunderstorm due to combined effects of Congo air mass and Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ICTZ), with heaviest episodes over the high ground and lakeshore areas,” said Nkhokwe in a statement released on Sunday.

Nkhokwe added that motorists too should exercise utmost care when using the country roads.

“Road users should also exercise caution when driving on our roads sue to reduced visibility and to avoid skidding on muddy roads,” cautioned Nkhokwe.

The department has further advised city, town, road authorities, community leaders and the public to continue working towards ensuring that storm-water drainage systems on the road and localities are well managed.

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