Expert calls for COVID-19 restriction enforcement

A medical virologist has advised government to seriously work on enforcing COVID-19 preventive measures following rising fears of the country being hit by a new Coronavirus variant.

According to Co-Chairperson of the Presidential Taskforce Dr John Phuka, health authorities are currently investigating the new variant following a recent surge in confirmed positive Coronavirus cases.

But commenting on the development, the virologist Dr Gama Bandawe says much as the investigations are still underway, there is urgent need to tighten enforcement of the already existing preventive measures.

“We do have an issue, I think all the indications are intact that new variant is circulating and is most likely in the country and as nation we need to address the issue of restrictions especially on enforcement of the precautionary measures,” said Dr Bandawe.

Dr Bandawe said what is most worrying is that the new variant is fast spreading among teenagers in countries where it has been discovered.

“Yes, it`s indeed true, this new variant has taken a different approach and is indeed much transmissible and those affected are the teenagers which is very upsetting,” confirmed the virologist.

According to Dr Phuka, data shows that the number of COVID-19 cases has increased substantially as the number of new case is the highest in this wave and the second highest to be recorded per day since the disease started in the country.

Meanwhile, the Taskforce has, among other resolutions extended closure of our land boarders until further, all Malawians and residents returning by land borders must present a negative COVID-19 test-result from a test conducted in the past 10 days, gatherings should not exceed 100 people and that schools will remain open.

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