Synthesis Agriculture to establish garlic, ginger processing plant

Synthesis Agriculture Malawi, a horticulture firm, says it will not relent but ensure that it establishes a garlic and ginger processing plant in the country this year.

The firm’s managing director Dickson Kilowe revealed that there have been setbacks due to COVID–19 which influenced the plants launch 2020, despite this he is optimistic that this will be achieved.

“Every goal needs to be achieved and we are still pursuing our goal to raise the facility despite some setbacks by COVID – 19,” said Kilowe.

He said the plant is beneficial to the country since it is a plant that will also help Malawians in various means therefore it is a critical development.

Kilowe said: “If you have a plant it is for the benefit of Malawi because what will happen is that we will have contract farmers who we will work with asides from that we are also going to enhance export trade which will also contribute to attracting foreign currency.”

In April 2020 Synthesis Agriculture shared its intentions to establish a plant that will process garlic and Ginger after realizing a market that is readily available for the products.

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