Typhoid hits hard at Neno children

Children under the age of 10 have been highly affected by the Typhoid fever in Neno district since November 2020.

Mtisunge Yelewa, a surveillance officer at the Public Health Institute has told this website that so far 80 cases of typhoid fever were registered from November to January 14, 2021 and most of them were children.

“I should mention than not all of these people are still sick, most of them recovered and 5 have succumbed to the disease.”

Asked why Neno is usually hit by Typhoid fever Yelewa cited the lack of clean water sources and unimpressive latrine coverage in the district.

“People take contaminated water and most villages do not have water from boreholes and taps even latrine coverage is at 69%, about 31% of the households do not have latrines they either share toilet or do open defecation.”

Yelewa said government through the ministry of health is distributing Chlorine to disinfect water in order to curb the further spread of the disease.

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