Expert advises politicians to stop interfering in economy

An economist has urged politicians to stop interfering with economic policies for political gains since they have diverse effects on how economy operates.

The call has been made by Professor Ben Kalua while commenting on sentiments from leader of opposition in reaction to measures set in place by President Lazarus Chakwera to prevent further spread of the pandemic.

Among some of his ideas Nankhumwa asked the government to reduce water tariffs and fuel prices items he calls essential the effects of Covid-19.

Kalua while lending his thoughts on this suggestion said that government should reject such inferences since they are systematic decisions.

Kalua said: “I would not recommend any government to intervene in the pricing of certain products such petroleum products which have an automatic pricing system which triggers price changes.”

“This is more efficient than having politicians make the changes.”

He also said such things should be strategically handled by relevant authorities rather than having politicians interfere with them.

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