Covid-19: Public urged to seek primary health care

The Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 has appealed to people in the country to seek medication attention whenever they feel coronavirus-like symptoms.

The Taskforce`s co-chairperson Dr John Phuka has told a news conference in Lilongwe that the country`s hospitals have now capacity to treat and admit Covid-19 patients.

According to Dr Phuka, early medical intervention in treating the Coronavirus is vital towards the fight against the pandemic.

“We have huge capacity to test, we have hundreds of thousands of tests we can do at this point, a lot of districts that usually had a less than 10 beds have actually gone up to high numbers than those.

“And it’s very important to visit the hospitals whenever we feel Covid-19 related symptoms because early treatment is very significant in dealing with this infection,” said Dr Phuka.

The country has witnessed a surge in confirmed coronavirus cases and death raising fears that it has been hit by a new strain.

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