Taskforce warns against use of herbal concoctions

The Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 has reminded people in the country to desist from using herbal concoctions as treatment for coronavirus.

According to the Taskforce`s co-chairperson Dr John Phuka, no scientific evidence has been done so far backing the use of concoctions as remedy for COVID-19 and that there are serious health consequences associated with such herbs.

“Let’s make sure that if we need anything using moderation, but otherwise no diet is extremely important

So that you don’t stress your bodies with concoctions even a mix of different chemicals like alkaloids and this may cause damage to your liver and kidneys and even accelerate your downfall and also they disrupt the sugar control system,” he said.

Dr Phuka added that the number of people recovering from the pandemic continues rising and that most of those who are dying with the disease are mostly those that report late to hospital.

“Most of those that we are losing it is because they are coming in late and some are even brought dead, therefore we would like to encourage that people come to the hospital as early as possible.

“We have capacity and bed space in hospitals to take care of you, don’t stay at home more especially when you begin to feel shortness of breath,” said Dr Phuka.

Ever since the outbreak of the second wave of Coronavirus, different social media platforms have been awash for different alkaloids and herbs all claiming to be treatment of the deadly pandemic.

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