Met Dept warns of heavy rains, floods

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has warned that most areas in the south, center and north will, this week, continue receiving heavy downpour which will likely trigger floods.  

Director in the Department Jolamu Nkhokwe says the heavy downpour is mainly due to the presence of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ICTZ).

“Most areas in the south, center and north of the country are likely to occasionally experience a wave of rainfall activities associated with thunderstones, with heavy episodes over lakeshore, central and southern high ground areas.

“This is mainly due to the presence and oscillation of ICTZ,” forecasted Nkhokwe.

He has since cautioned that that people should always avoid crossing swelling rivers and not walking through fast moving water.

“As soils are already saturated with moisture, the locally heavy downpours are likely to trigger floods in low lying areas particularly over central and lakeshore areas.

“Aggravated by environmental degradation, poor drainage system and heavy downpours upland resulting in swelling of rivers due to siltation,” he warned.

The Department has since advised that tree planting activities and allowing regeneration of trees should continue to enhance reduction of catastrophic floods, enhance storage of soil moisture and act as wind breaks during strong wind.

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