Chiefs asked to enforce Covid-19 measures at funerals

Government has pleaded with traditional leaders to be at the forefront in enforcing Covid-19 preventive at funerals.

The plea has been sounded by the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 following a worrying observation as people at funerals not adhering to the measures like social distancing and wearing masks.

According to Taskforce’s co-chairperson Dr John Phuka, it is worrisome to note that people are comforting the bereaved physically notwithstanding the fact that the bereaved was exposed to Coronavirus from the deceased.

“As we have noticed, most of the disease spread largely mainly during our activities during Christmas and new year`s eve activities and subsequent to that because we are having a lot of deaths.

It also means that our funeral ceremonies are now a lot more than we would expected, unfortunately this poses a risk where we can also spread the disease.

It is very clear at this point that we need to out behaviour, and we are calling upon all chief to work with local government to make sure that these measures are implemented and followed,” pleaded Dr Phuka.

Addressing the nation on Sunday night this week, President Lazarus Chakwera directed the Ministry of Local Government to work with councils and come up with guidelines for enforcing preventive measures at funerals.

The Malawi leader said as hard as it is to change the cultural way of life in the way people in country approach funerals, there is need to change for the sake of the nation`s survival.

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