Malawi should start producing valuable products – Economist

An economic expert has urged government to ensure promotion of production of products that can add value to the local industry.

Betchani Tchereni, a lecturer at the Polytechnic, who is also the Dean of Commerce, made the remarks while commenting on areas of interest that the country should focus on as it is implementing the Buy Malawian Strategy and helping local entrepreneurs develop.

Tchereni said that it is critical that the country starts producing goods that will be of greater value such as building material so that a greater deal of resources are bought from within when implementing projects.

“As a country we need to start producing the actual things that matter things like tiles, glass and some many things this is only construction but what about steel producing steel but as it stands most of us are producing things that are simple to make and they do not give us a lot,” said Tchereni.

He has also advised the government to make sure it takes a positive approach towards rewarding citizens who have innovations that will benefit the country.

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