Govt asked to intervene in Thyolo, Mulanje land dispute

Executive Director for the Center for Democracy and Economic Development Initiative CDEDI Sylvester Namiwa has demanded the release of all the idle land from estate owners to landless community members of Thyolo and Mulanje districts.

The demand was made on Friday in Thyolo at a meeting between Minister of Lands Kezzie Msukwa, CDEDI officials, concerned citizens and other stakeholders over land issues in the two districts.

Namiwa said what they want is estate owners to surrender all the land including Tea, Coffee and Macadamia plantations so that they should be managed by the communities.

He said they will try to follow all the legal procedure so that people in the affected districts must be served with justice.

“As CDEDI we would like to assure Malawians that we are going yo fight we will try to do everything within the law to ensure that justice is served to the people of Mulanje and Thyolo” he said.

A representative from the Concerned Landless Citizens of Thyolo and Mulanje, Harry Mikuwa said what they want is a solution from government for people of the two districts have land to cultivate.

“We are asking government to intervene in the issue, to make sure that people for Thyolo and Mulanje have land to cultivate” Mikuwa said.

However the minister asked the concerned citizens to wait until his Ministry finalizes engagements with all stakeholders in the matter for a solution to be made.

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