Teachers divided over sit-in action

A grouping calling itself concerned teachers has distanced itself from a decision by their mother body, Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) to conduct a sit in demanding Covid-19 risk allowance.

The development follows an impasse that has erupted between government and TUM on provision of Covid-19 risk allowance.

But addressing journalists in Lilongwe, the grouping has accused TUM of dragging misunderstanding which they say it is affecting innocent learners.

“Our concern is that the other issues have been resolved, what is remaining is the risk allowance, why can’t we allow teaching take in place in school so that our children go to class.

“Because the country is at standstill and children are not learning and this is going to affect the leaners considering that there have been too many closures of schools, are we going to add any more injuries to our students,” said one of the concerned teachers Harry Kamwaza.

He called on TUM to put its house in order and call off the ongoing sit in.

“TUM should call off the strike while negotiation are going on the strike, while negotiations are going because TUM had three concerns, two have been satisfied, what is remaining is the allowance issue,” said Kamwaza.

But commenting on the calls by the concerned teachers, TUM President Willy Malimba has faulted the grouping for acting under influence.

“It`s sad that some teachers have decided to do like that and you can see that there is something behind that because a normal teacher who faces problems in teaching cannot do that, whether she is a TUM member or not,” wondered Malimba.

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