Dodma seizing back unused Covid-19 funds

The Department of Disaster Management (Dodma) has ordered all councils and clusters to stop spending their Covid-19 resource allocation and transfer back the funds into the Dodma account.

A letter signed by Dodma Response and Recovery Director, Reverend Moses Chimphepo, said the decision follows an interface meeting between the department and the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 on the utilization of the K17.270 billion fund that was already released to the clusters.

Chimphepo said the decision is applicable to all clusters except for the ministries of health and education.

During the meeting the two parties agreed that all the funds should be transferred back to Dodma account and they can only be accessed when they submit their proposed itemized activity plans which will later be reviewed and approved by the task force.

The plans are expected to be submitted to the Taskforce by February 26, 2021 and are expected to be reviewed on March 2, 2021.

Meanwhile, Dodma has also urged the councils to submit their monthly expenditure report for February before 5th March this year.

Furthermore, the councils have been reminded to submit monthly expenditure report for February before March 5, 2021 this year.

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