Nasme to decentralize operations

National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (Nasme) says it is planning to decentralize its system of leadership to ensure that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are able to get easy and fast assistance on anything that they need.

Nasme National Chairperson William Mwale said the project has been in the pipework for five years and it is finally bearing into fruits.

“The right direction in all developing systems is to decentralize the structure so that the people own the system because they know each other, the needs and wants,” said Mwale

He told YFM that most matters will be dealt with at district level which will save time since the matters will be dealt with more hastily.

Mwale also said it has taken time and will take time to fully be operative but in the long run this is the best way to go if the sector wants to develop.

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