Analyst calls for transformed cabinet

A political analyst has asked the president to select cabinet ministers based on merit as he is expected to reshuffle his cabinet after this month.

During Monday’s State House briefing, Presidential Press Secretary Brian Banda mentioned that the President Lazarus Chakwera will reshuffle his cabinet by the end of March, 2021.

Reacting to the news Victor Chipofya told Yoneco FM online that traditionally most cabinet ministers are picked because they are party faithful’s and not necessarily performers.

“For the longest time the country has suffered the issue of politics over administration when it comes to selection of people that are going to run ministerial positions even this cabinet that is serving ,there was an uproar when it was just appointed because a lot of us believed it was a cabinet of political appeasement.”

“This is a problem that the country has suffered since the advent of democracy so whoever is appointed in the next cabinet should be well versed on issues in their ministry,” he said.

Asked on how the current cabinet has performed, Chipofya said the impact of their work may be overshadowed by the current Covid-19 pandemic, but the ministers have portrayed that they’ve been working through the social media.

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