Chaponda faults government on misplaced financial priorities

Member of Parliament for Mulanje South West constituency George Chaponda has blamed government for lacking clear financial roadmap in running the country’s affairs.

Chaponda, who was speaking in Parliament in contribution to the Mid-Year 2020/2021 budget, singled out  what he described as the largest deficit the country’s economy has ever had in modern history.

“I have never seen a budget in terms of the figures in budget whereby there are extremely large deficit of 8.8% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“This is one of the highest deficits we have seen in the country’s modern history, which amounts to K810 billion,” observed Chaponda.

The Mulanje South West lawmaker has also bemoaned continued government’s unnecessary expenditure amid serious economic crisis.

“The results of this is that there will be less credit available in the local market for small businesses.

“We would have been happy that perhaps that this money will be put into good use, but we have seen already the K6.2 billion Covid-19 saga, just allowances and allowances,” wondered Chaponda.

Chaponda has also faulted Justice Minister Titus Mvalo for traveling on an international trip only to attend a virtual meeting.


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