Minister bemoans vandalism of Escom infrastructure

Minister of Energy Newton Kambala has lamented continued vandalism of Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (Escom) infrastructure in the country.

Kambala, who was speaking in Parliament today, said apart from corruption at the power supplier, people have been stealing Escom transformers and copper wires.

“People are actually stealing copper wire for sale on these transformers because they have been given money.

“Currently on daily basis we are losing at least transformer and this is very difficult for Escom which is already under a lot pressure in terms of resources,” bemoaned Kambala.

The Energy Minister added almost on daily basis, unconnected Escom transformers are being vandalized and that authorities are currently working on the matter to establish the reasons behind.

Kambala has complained about people bribing Escom officials just to get connected to the grid which he says it is also one of the contributing factors leading to destruction of the transformers.

“We are appealing to Malawians to desist from such malpractices including receiving bribes and getting things done which they know very well that it will damage transformers and other infrastructure.

“We are working very hard to find out and zeal into the main reason why these transformers continuously blowing,” said Kambala.

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