Termination of Pregnancy Bill back in House

Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu West Dr Mathews Ngwale is expected to move a motion on Termination of Pregnancy Bill on Thursday.

According to Dr Ngwale, who is mover of the motion, the resurfacing of the Bill in the House follows wider consultations that the lawmakers had on the Bill amid increasing number of justifiable situations for the termination of unwanted pregnancies.

“Yes it’s true I will present the Motion tomorrow on Abortion, there is nothing new, it’s the same Bill which I presented it in October,” said Dr Ngwale.

He has told us that there were widespread misconceptions about the Bill in relation to grounds for safe abortion in the country.

“We waited for more trainings and more civic education to most MPs through their parliamentary committees, so we have done that.

“Now we are at a stage where we think a good number of MPs have come to know what the Motion is all about,” said the Chiradzulu West lawmaker.

The introduction of the Bill drew controversy among most Malawi especially the faith community which faulted the lawmakers on proceedings with tabling the Bill.

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