Legislator decries inadequate funding for road infrastructure

Member of Parliament for Phalombe East Constituency Robert Mwina has expressed concern over reduced funding allocation to road infrastructure in the country.

Mwina was reacting to roads Authority Vote which has been maintained at K4.4 billion despite government stalling most road projects across the country on the basis of inadequate funding and reforms.

The Phalombe East lawmaker however questioned government`s continued move on underfunding road projects that were already started and had funding allocation in the previous budget.

“My major concern is on under allocation of the resources, especially on the roads that government wants to construct under development budget Two.

“There are so many roads but I singled out the Chikwawa-Chapananga-Mwanza Road, part of the road has been done but according to the estimates that we have seen I saw that we are remaining with about to K2 billion to complete the road but looking at the budget only half a billion was allocated,” he said.

He said the delay in completing such road projects will cost government more funds which he believes Malawians are the one to suffer.

“Now we here that government wants to reduce the number of the roads and at least concentrate on them, but off late we heard that the Minister of Finance had given commitment to construct the road, but looking at the budget, the road does not appear anywhere in the budget.

“The progress of the works are going to be affected, in the event that you engage a contractor and you have no money, it means that the contractor will have no money to do the work, in normal event the contractor is supposed to get advance payment of about 20%, then instead of reducing the arrears we are going to have more arrears,” said Mwina.

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