Parliament adopts mid-year budget

Parliament on Thursday adopted the K2.3 trillion 2020/2021 mid-year review national budget.

Speaking to YFM, Minister of Finance Felix Mlusu said the Budget, which been revised upwards from K2.1 trillion to K2.3 trillion, will performed in accordance with the projected deficit which the country has.

Mlusu added that government has put in place different measures aiming at making sure that the country’s economy is stable.

“There are measures that we are taking to make sure that we to make sure that we perform within the projected deficit or indeed the below the projected deficit.

“We have liberalised exports of our produce including maize that starting this year we allow business people to export maize plus other produce,” said Mlusu.

And on her part, Chairperson of the Budget and Finance Committee of Parliament Gladys Ganda proposed that the House pass a law that will see government seeking approval of the House whenever it wants to spend to avoid overspending.

“As a Committee, we are mandated to Do checks and balances but it’s just frustrating that some Ministries, Departments and Agencies have overspent their allocations.

“My take is that we need to come up with a law that prevents government from doing such a thing, we need to come with a percentage that if they want to overspend, the need to come to Parliament and seek approval,” said Ganda.

Before approving the Budget, the House went into Division following disagreements over a Vote to Ministry of Local Government but the Division was eventually withdrawn by the Opposition lawmakers after a 30 minute recess.

“Some Members just wanted to make stories out of it, I don’t know because they were a bit disorganised, there is a big difference between Local Government Vote and Local Government Finance Committee vote.

I was not consulted as a leader, I was just ambushed but the good thing is that our team was ready and prepared,” said Chimwendo.

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