Malawi to introduce community month

The Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare says Malawi intends to introduce a Community Month aiming at mobilising people at a community level on their basic amenities. 

According to the responsible Minister Patricia Kaliati, the reformed programme will also be significant in transforming people`s livelihoods through economic transformation programmes in their respective communities.

“We just want to mobilise men, women and the youth to take part in their basic amenities at a community level so we are introducing this whereby we are approaching people through social and community development officer we have.

“It’s a bottom up approach whereby people will be directly engaged financially whenever they render their services at a community level on a number of activities,” said Kaliati.

She added that unlike other initiatives, the programme will see men, women and the youth working together on different platforms and activities at a community level.

“It’s going to be different because we are parading every person to take part as some programmes which we have men don’t take part.

“Other programmes which we have as adult literacy, cooperatives and savings men don’t usually take part, so it’s going to be different because we are going to parade everyone in the community that is men, women and the youth,” said Kaliati.

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