Education ministry introduces expert committee

The Ministry of Education has established what it is calling “Expert Committee” aiming at reviewing issues affecting performance of learners in primary schools.

Delivering a statement in Parliament titled “Transforming Education in Malawi” the responsible Minister Agnes NyaLonje said the Committee will in turn lead to inequities in the performance of different primary schools across the country.

“We decided to do that because when Malawians have questions about processes that my Ministry undertakes, we as a Ministry have a duty to listen and we believe in having evidence when making a decision.

“What we are doing with the Expert Committee is looking at what are the inputs what we want to do is to do research as to what inputs essential for quality learning,” NyaLonje said.

Nyalonje added that the independent Expert Committee will also be responsible for reviewing selection of candidates from primary to secondary schools.

“We will work to ensure that the selection policies and processes gain the trust and confidence of all stakeholders.

“The recent decision by the Ombudsman to investigate and audit the selection of 2020 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) graduates to Form 1 will contribute to this reform area,” said NyaLonje.

According to NyaLonje, her Ministry seeks to lay the groundwork for future and ongoing education development that will enable the country to achieve the national vision for Malawi as: “An inclusively wealthy and self-reliant industrialised upper-middle-income country by 2063”.

Out of the 6,468 primary schools that the country has, 5,770 are public while 698 are private.

Government has since expanded secondary education to a total of 1,494 secondary schools, of which 874 are Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS) and 303 are Open Secondary Schools.

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