Rain leaves 2000 people destitute in Rumphi

Over 2000 people are destitute at Hewe in Rumphi West Constituency following heavy downpour being experienced in the area since last week.

According to Member of Parliament (MP) for the Constituency Yona Adadawiza Mkandawire, despite that no death has been recorded, the area is currently uninhabitable.

“The situation is very bad as the rains are still falling around that area and the water levels are just too high where people are failing to sleep, the place is no longer inhabitable as I speak.

“Even the fields are affected, they could have a very good bumper harvest but because of these devastating over flooding, it’s like a marsh,” said Adadawiza Mkandawire.

Responding to the complaint in Parliament, Government Chief Whip Kezzie Msukwa assured the people of the area that they will be supported accordingly.

Mkandawire added that people in the area are opting to move to high ground as the area is now flood prone.

“They requested me to let them go and lodge at Kanyenjere Primary School but as you are aware schools have been disrupted for some time, as a legislator I couldn’t make a decision that let`s go there because I had not received a technical whether people would have to go there.

“The way it is now, people no longer wish to be residing in that area and when I asked them they told people that government should relocate them to another area as this is the 7th year they have been experiencing such disaster,” said the Rumphi West Constituency lawmaker.

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