SOLDEV commits to forest restoration

Collaborative efforts in conserving the environment between communities and duty bearers has been singled out as one of the drivers that can restore the environment in the country.

The remark comes as the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia Development (SOLDEV) is implementing a project called Environmental and Economic Sustainability Project in Mhuju, Rumphi District.

Speaking to YFM Rumphi District Planning Director Frank Kumwenda said enforcement has not proven effective hence the need for a different approach.

According to Kumwenda Environmental and Economic Sustainability Project is encouraging collaborative efforts between communities and stakeholders in conserving the environment.

“Lately there has been a policy shift in restoration of forests in the country from enforcement to collaboration management which is encouraging communities members to take ownership and conserve the environment hence the need for more of projects like these in Rumphi district,” said Kumwenda.

In her remarks after touring Mhuju, CCAP Synod of Livingstonia Development- SOLDEV Board Chair Stella Mwangonde agreed with Kumwenda and hailed beneficiaries for welcoming the project and working so hard to yield tangible results which is helping to conserve the environment in Rumphi District.

“It is encouraging to see that people have welcomed the project and are working so hard to see tangible results,” said Mwangonde.

Commenting on the same, one of the beneficiaries Nelson Mhango commended SOLDEV for coming with the project in their area as it has helped families to achieve food security in their homes and not depend on handouts.

Mhango said since the inception of the project in the area, livelihoods have changed as they now practice sustainable agriculture, planting of fruit trees as well as other trees around their homes while using cooking stoves that uses less firewood.

SOLDEV is implementing  Environmental and Economic Sustainability Project in Mhuju, to improve sustainable environmental livelihoods of 200 household and economic sustainability in Rumphi by August 2021 with funding from Tear Fund.

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