Government warns it will repossess underutilised land

Minister of Lands Kezzie Msukwa says government will reclaim land that has been left undeveloped for more than two years.

Speaking in Parliament, Msukwa said government has already commenced issuing notices to owners of such land about the development.

In an interview, the Lands Minister said government has made progress in reviewing the lands laws and that findings will be ready soon.

“As a Ministry we have gone ahead, and we are giving notices to those people who have got massive land and are not developing, we are going to take back that land so that we can make it to good use.

“The land review is an ongoing process, we are still consulting and we want and we want to hear from all stakeholders, very soon well will be done,” said Msukwa.

He added that authorities will continue with the demolition of all structures that have been constructed in reserved and catchment areas.

“Structures that go into the rivers we are going to demolish all of them, because those structures don’t conform to the city plan,” said Msukwa.

In December last year, the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) asked the general public to feed the Commission with views on review of land laws.

According to MHRC, the review areas include the areas affecting land governance in Malawi, specific provisions in the current land laws are those particular organisation would recommend for review and provisions they would propose to be added in order to facilitate proper management and administration of land in the country.

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