Defilement cases surge in Mulanje

Mulanje police say the surge in defilement cases in the district is a cause for concern and a call for collaborative efforts to end the vice.

Speaking to YONECO FM online, Mulanje Police spokesperson Gresham Ngwira said defilement cases have increased as compared to the same period last year though he did not disclose the statistics.

“We are appalled with the rate at which these cases have increased, people who are supposed to protect the children are on the forefront perpetrating defilement,” said Ngwira.

He nonetheless hailed the courts for giving stiffer punishments, stating that this would prevent other perpetrators from committing such crimes.

“Recently the court slapped a defiler with a 15-year jail term we believe this is the way to go if defilement is to be dealt with,” said Ngwira.

He expressed optimism that if all stakeholders join hands to raise awareness the cases would decrease.

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