Leader worried over MPs inactiveness on private members’ day

Leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda has expressed a concern on inactiveness of Members of Parliament (MPs) on private members’ day.

According to Chimwendo Banda, it is worrisome to note how members of the both side fail to contribute their private business despite being their day.

“Parliament should not only discuss issues from one side, if you want issues that are well represented across the country, you must give a chance, it is a House of everybody, not just Ministers and government.

“So it was designated in such a matter that we should have comprehensive response from national issues,” wondered the Leader of the House.

Banda reminded the legislators to effectively use such days in relaying issues from their respective constituencies.

“It is a designated day for them and unfortunately we didn’t have enough business which they ended up forcing business back to government, and giver has always been ready.

“It’s a bit of concern that if members are not proactive to bring issues affecting the country or constituencies then that is a bit worrisome,” said Banda.

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