Government to demolish undesirable structures

Government says it will soon commence inspection of land allocation in accordance with particular infrastructure that was developed.

Minister of Lands Kezzie Msukwa disclosed this in Parliament after being questioned by the legislators on rising cases of people developing structures in undesignated zones.

“We have noted indeed that from the past regime, people had no regard to zoning, they could put up industrial items where is not supposed to be an industry, unfortunately this has been very entrenched from the past regime.

“We are discouraging that now; as a government we are caught between two rocks on this issue, but we will work upon it,” said Msukwa.

Reacting to the concerns, Msukwa said authorities are aware of such development and that government will soon commence demolishing such undesirable structures.

“We can’t blame the past regimes entirely, some actors within government were to blame and it`s unfortunate, we are supposed to go into areas which we are not supposed to go to.

What this government will do in an event that somebody is going to develop structures that are not supposed to be for that particular zone, will have no choice but to stop that construction,” said Msukwa.

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