CDEDI calls Chakwera dishonest leader

The Center for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives CDEDI has branded President Lazarus Chakwera’s leadership as dishonest following Chakwera’s address to the nation on Sunday 28 March.

According to a press release from CDEDI signed by the Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa, Chakwera failed to address some pertinent issues in his address.

Among others, CDEDI said the president has failed to furnish the nation with a report on the 6.2 Billion kwacha COVID 19 funds investigations report which he says is overdue.

CDEDI said at least two months have elapsed with nothing to show for the promise as the president is quiet on the matter which has caused CDEDI to be suspicious that he himself is implicated in the matter.

The statement reads in part: “It is now more than 2 months since the scandal uncovered, but President Chakwera is acting as if nothing happened.

“This clearly shows that the president is a very dishonest leader, and we cannot rule out his involvement in the misappropriation of the funds,” he said.

“Secondly the president’s inconsistency to deliver on campaign manifesto has also been called out as dishonest since he is not clear on the path he wants to follow which is slowly planting seeds of doubt.

“Last but not least CDEDI is suspicious that Chakwera might have had a hand in violent act in Karonga that are a result of the by-elections that will take place on 30 March.

“His silence on the matter has caused to question whether Chakwera sanctioned the violence which was perpetrated by Tonse-Alliance members.

There was no immediate comment from Presidential Press Secretary Brian Banda on the matter.

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