Belekanyama to carry on his father`s legacy

Newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe Msinja South Constituency Francis Belekanyama has assured his constituents that he will execute his duties in accordance with his late father’s vision.

“This victor I owe it to my late Dad, honourable Lingison Belekanyama, who was an MP for the area for a period of 16 years so whatever has happened the people of Msinja South Constituency I say thank you.

“I will try to work with the Area Development Committees (ADCs) and see what they would say on how we are going to improve the area, and I want to be the solution to the youth,” said Belekanyama.

Belekanyama said this following the official declaration by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) that he is the winner of the Constituency.

According to Belekanyama, he understands that the electorate has entrusted him with their vote because of the good legacy his father had.

“Let’s wait and see in the next four years I think I will do something and people will be proud to say we voted for Francis Belekanyama as an MP and I want to see Msinja South Constituency as an ideal Constituency,” said Belekanyama.

Lilongwe Msinja South Constituency had five candidates.

With a total of 37,550 registered voters, a total of 17,284 voters turned up for polling.

Belekanyama, who stood on a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ticket, amassed 8,664 votes to be declared a winner.

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