Hands of Hope rescues SRC kids

As one way of reaching out to needy children, a newly established organisation; Hands of Hope has donated assorted items to kids residing at the Social Rehabilitation Center (SRC) in Lilongwe.

According to the organisation, they thought of making the donation after analysing different challenges that children living in the streets face in their day to day life.

“Basically what motivated us to come here was the thought of there are a thousand of kids out there who are lacking basic necessities in life.

“It was so touching to us that we really tried to create this group in order to reach out to the children in order that they may have a little something for them to feel at home no matter where they are,” said Kayange.

In an interview after presenting the items, the Organisation’s Programmes Manager appealed to stakeholders and people of goodwill to emulate the gesture with every little they have.

“My message is that little you have you can literally help anybody else, even just one packet of sugar or a peace of cloth, the moment you give it to somebody else, it really changes the life of that type of person.

“You don’t have to wait to have millions or trillions for you to help another person, with the little you have, no matter it’s K5 or K20 you can give it to somebody else it will really bring a change to them,” said Kayange.

Hands of Hope was established in March 2021 and the founders are all from Pentecostal Life University (PLU) in Lilongwe who studied and graduated in different programmes.

The donated items include clothes, beddings and soap.

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