TUM worried over government’s silence

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has reminded government to resolve issues surrounding Covid-19 risk allowances for the teachers before the close of this school term on May 7.

TUM president, Willie Malimba, said it is disappointing that government negotiating team has remained quiet on the matter.

Two weeks has now elapsed since TUM and government tussled the matter in court but later agreed to withdraw and instead resolve it amicably.

Malimba has warned government that teachers will not relent on the matter.

He said: “We wonder what government officials are thinking because now we have seen that they don’t care about the children being deprived off their right to education.”

Malimba said although teachers resumed teaching, TUM’s survey has shown that lessons are not effective as expected because the services are not being delivered whole heartedly.

“I can assure you that we have been moving around and we have discovered that teachers are not working as expected because they are waiting for the outcome of discussions from ourselves and government,” he said.

Efforts to speak to government spokesperson, Gospel Kazako, proved futile as his mobile phone could not be reached.

Public school teachers in the country have been conducting national wide strikes after government backed out of a promise to pay bonuses for Cvid-19 risk.

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