People cautioned against using heaters indoors

People in the country have been advised to avoid using charcoal stoves in their houses especially during the night when they are about to sleep as the winter weather rages on.

According to Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, charcoal stoves should be placed on a level hard surface.

Speaking to Yoneco FM Online, the Department`s Director Jolamu Nkhokwe added that people should always remember to turn off the heaters whenever going to bed to avoid suffocation and fire accidents.

“Space heaters should be placed on a level, hard surface and away from anything flammable materials that should be turned off before leaving the room or going to bed.

“Avoid breathing in cold air by staying indoors or by wearing a scarf over the mouth to avoid respiratory illness such as sore throat, catching cold and flu when temperatures are low,” said Nkhokwe.

The department has also advised motorist to always take care when driving on the roads due to reduced visibility caused by the fog particularly during night time and early morning hours moistly in low lying areas with heavier episodes over high ground due to drop in temperatures.

Nights and mornings are expected to be locally cold to very cold.

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