Movement calls for amendment of Pension Act

Pension Act Amendment Movement has called on Parliament to consider amending the 2010 Pension Act so that it serves Malawians better.

According to the movement’s petition to Parliament which has six demands, there is need for a reduction of waiting period when one looses their job to one month from six months as provided on the 2010 Act among others.

Speaking to YFM General Secretary for the movement Paul Chikondi Ngulube said the current Pension Act is punishing the pensioners than helping.

“We are saying that the period one waits to get pension money should be reduced and also one should be able to get At least 60 percent of the pension money and not 40 percent as the act currently states,” said Ngulube.

Pension Act Amendment Movement was established in 2020 with an aim of lobbying parliament to amend the current pension act of 2010.

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