High hopes from Malawi’s first ever Academy of science

Minister of Education has stated that the newly launched Academy of Sciences in Malawi will develop this country in different sectors.

The minister, Agnes NyaLonje said among other things the realization of the Malawi 2063 agenda is directly linked to science, technology and innovation.

“Countries that have academies of science are countries that have accepted to deliberately focus on progress through science and that is the direction Malawi is taking,” said NyaLonje.

She also urged the Academy to work with local communities and civil society organizations to inspire young people and women in communities (rural or urban) as they demonstrate creativity through science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In her remarks, founder for Girls in STEAM Halima Twabi indicated that she expects that Malawi will see a growth in research as well as the promotion of leadership among women in science.

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