Economists point out key areas to include in budget

As the Minister of Finance was expected to present the 2021/22 budget on Friday, some economic analysts gave their inputs on what areas they feel should be priority areas in the budget.

YFM spoke with economics lecturer from the University of Malawi Professor Ben Kalua who said the budget should focus on key issues that are included in the 2063 vision.

Kalua said: “Issues that were raised in the Malawi 2063 Vision, these are long term plans for Malawi which is a continuation of vision 2020.

These are issues to do with turning the economy around to a new future that is not heavily reliant on tobacco.”

Apart from this he has also said there is need for serious attention to infrastructure such as transport and communications without forgetting social services.

While Polytechnic Based analyst Professor Betchani Tchereni stated that some key areas that should be looked into are the education sector so that education standards are up to par.

Tchereni also hinted toward the education sector where he said that there should be a wholistic approach to agriculture.

“I would want us to look into other areas for AIP other than the subsistence farming of crops by looking into animal husbandry since there are a lot of young people who would want to go into this as well,” said Tchereni.

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