Malawi has potential to export more dairy products

The Milk Association of Malawi says enhancing milk production can help the country upscale exportation of dairy products.

The Association’s Executive Director Herbert Chagona made the assertion while commenting on what can be done to expand the market base of dairy products produced in Malawi to other countries.

He says that currently the country does not produce enough milk to satisfy the country’s needs but also have surplus to produce goods that can be shipped.

“Malawi produced 42 million liters of milk this number is not enough to satisfy the population,” said Chagona.

There are several challenges which are contributing to such production shortages and this is attributed to inadequate dairy cows and feed.

However, Chagona said the country needs to find means to upscale its milk production in order to produce enough for the country’s consumption but also have surplus to produce export products.

Chagona said: “We need more efforts that what we are currently doing, we need to increase our production so that we are able to satisfy that.”

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