MUBAS pleads for more support to needy student

A group of students at Malawi University of Business and Applied Science (MUBAS), who introduced an initiative aimed at raising funds to support their fellow needy students with food and accommodation, have asked well-wishers to continue providing their donations although the students have gone for semester holiday.

Speaking to Yoneco online, the group’s treasure, Lloyd Thalavu, said the initiative has received an overwhelming response from different well-wishers.
He said so far the initiative has reached 160 needy students but more support is needed.

Thalavu said: “We are grateful with the response from well-wishers who have come up with donations including money and food items and we are still pleading with all the well-wishers to continue supporting us during this time when the students are on holiday so that we can prepare in advance as the students are expected to open the new semester in June.”

He further said apart from food and accommodation, the students also need money for transport since most of them are staying far away from the campus in search for cheaper accommodation.

Some of the well-wishers who have donated include the Gift of Givers organisation, MUBAS students and Blantyre Malabada Member of Parliament Ishmael Nkumba.

The initiative was introduced by MUBAS students after noticing that there are a number of student who are failing to access food and accommodation due to poverty.

Most students from the university are depending on piece works for their survival a development which contributes to failure by them to fully concentrate on their studies.

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