Admarc proposes maize price reduction

The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) has recommended the reduction of farmgate maize prices from the set minimum K150 per kilogram.

Speaking to Yoneco FM, Admarc acting Chief Executive Officer Dhlelisile Matondo Phiri said the country`s farmgate prices is a bit higher as compared to neighbouring countries.

“The farmgate prices for Malawi it is a bit higher looking at a year we have bumper harvest in Malawi, we also have a bumper yield in the neighbouring countries, this is forcing the maize price to go down and here we have a higher price,” said Matondo Phiri.

Phiri added that there is need to consider revising maize prices downwards because there is also high yield in neighbouring countries following bumper harvest.

“Because it’s a year of bumper yield, we are going to buy a lot of maize which we intend to export now on the export market we find the prices internationally lower because there is also a higher yield in those countries and our maize will find a challenge because they will be priced highly,” said the Admarc acting CEO.

But reacting to the recommendation, co-chairperson of the parliamentary cluster on agriculture and food security and natural resources Werani Chilenga has faulted both the state grain trader and Ministry of Agriculture for lacking coordination.

“From what we have found out it looks like there is no proper coordination between Ministry of Agriculture and Admarc when they come up with those prices because Ministry of Agriculture sets out those prices.

“Today Admarc is complaining that those prices are too high if they buy at those prices and they sale they will not make much profit,” said Chilenga.

The Cluster says it will meet the agriculture ministry then engage them and map the way forward thereafter.

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