Kabwila suspects foul play on Kalungama’s case

A gender rights activist Dr Jessie Kabwila says she is suspecting foul play in a case involving Stuart Kalungama, a man who is suspected to have being defiling his 9-year-old stepdaughter in Lilongwe.

Dr. Kabwila said this following a number of excuses being given by the defence since the case started months ago.

“Stuart is praying for time, but you know what justice will catch up with him, he might try to do tricks here and there but I am sure they are going to run out of ideas,” said Dr Kabwila.

She cited a number of applications the defence attorney has been making and now that he has made an application to leave the case as tactics by the accused to drag the case.

“His lawyer has filed that he has left the case and when he came there, he is now feigning ignorance he says he doesn’t know and there is no way the State can go ahead with the case when he doesn’t have representation.

“But he has been told clearly that the State is ready to proceed and we have given him time so we wait Monday he comes here otherwise we cannot continue with this hide and seek,” said the vocal gender rights activist.

Dr Kabwila has however stressed that they will not give up on the matter till justice is served and delivered.

“I want Stuart and the likes of Stuarts to know, we are not going to relent, there was injustice done here and there we will not rest until justice is delivered.

“They can try to do all the funny tricks that they are going to do but we will be here even if they call over this case at night we will be here,” said Dr Kabwila.

Hearing of the matter has been adjourned to Monday June 7, 2021 next week.

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