MW2063 vision needs women empowerment

An independent agriculture policy and research think tank, MwAPATA Institute, has underscored the need to empower women in agriculture sector, which is the first pillar in the Malawi 2063 vision, to ensure smooth achievement of the vision.

Speaking to Yoneco online, MwAPATA Institute executive director, William Chadza, said since women are in majority than men in terms of the country’s population, therefore it is important to give them space to contribute to agriculture development.

Chadza said: “It’s so import to ensure that women are part and parcel of the agenda for the new vision and this can be achieved by ensuring inclusivity and worth creation to ensure that all categories of society are included in order to move forward.”

He further pointed out that more women should also be accorded with leadership positions.

While Chadza commended some progress being made by the country in promoting women in the agriculture sector, but he said there are still challenges needed to be addressed.

“Of course Some progresses are being registered to promote women in agriculture sector but there are still some gaps particularly in areas around land issues in terms of security of tenure and also user rights to ensure that women are in a position to contribute to decision making.”

He further said in most households women are not allowed to take part in utilizing financial proceeds from farm produce as all the decisions are made by men.

The MwAPATA Institute is engaging the government, private sector, and civil society stakeholders in a program of applied policy analysis, policy outreach, capacity building and policy coordination.

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