‘All we Have Is Us’ film premiere July 6

Movie producer Ashukile Mwakisulu says he has high hopes that people will love the movie titled “All we Have Is Us” which will be premiered in Blantyre at Golden Peacock hotel on July 6.

Mwakisulu said the movie is based on maintain family values and it talks about the life of two sisters who despite going through hardships in the village vow to stick to each other throughout their lives.

“It’s a movie that talks about issues to do with family a story about two sisters who grow up in the village raised by an aunt they both goes separate ways as one of them gets married but had issues with her husband.”

The movie features well-known actors and radio presenters Hope Chisanu, Yankho Seunda and the late Juliet Royo among others.

“We shot the film last year written by myself and it features some of the best talents in the Malawi film entertainment,” he said.

“We got the likes of Mwai Simbota who happens to be a radio personality and an actress, Hope Chisanu, musician Saint and a radio and TV presenter.”

He said It is an exciting project that all of the production team is looking forward to show case it to the world

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