Technical colleges’ curricula under scrutiny

Government says it is reviewing curriculum that the country`s technical colleges use in order to respond to the needs of the labour market.

According to Deputy Minister of Labour Vera Kamtukule, the emergence of coronavirus pandemic has made significant changes to the labour market and that there is need equip young people with necessary skills and knowledge.

“What we are doing right now as Ministry of Labour is that we reviewing the curriculum to ensure that it responds accurately to the ever-growing needs of the labour market because without that our economy will be lacking skills.

“As you know the world of work has changed because of Covid-19, what has to happen therefore is that we need to ensure that our young people have necessary skills that re going to make them relevant in the world of work from now going forward,” said Kamtukule.

Kamtukule, who was responding to questions from lawmakers in Parliament, added that government is working on having well trained technical college teachers in order to have quality graduates as well.

“I should mention that our greatest challenge at the moment is that we don’t have a technical teacher training college, without that we are unable to train our teachers.

“But we are trying to see how best we can find ways to ensure that we are sending our technical teachers for training because the quality of our graduates in our institutions is contingent upon us having upon us having quality teachers as well,” she said.

Kamtukule pledged that the Tonse run administration will continue construction of technical colleges that were earlier started by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) run government.

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