Parliament approves 2021/2022 budget

Parliament has approved K1.9 trillion 2021/2022 national budget.

The passing of the 9-month budget follows a scrutiny of the budgetary allocations vote by vote by the Committee of Supply of the august House.

Unlike previous budgets, the lawmakers had only over 3 hours of scrutinising 55 votes in the 2021/2022 budgets estimates.

“I am obviously excited that the budget has passed in one day, first of all I would like to thank all the MPs for their understanding and the time into the budget for scrutinise it vote by vote.

“When it came to analysing vote by vote, most of the areas which have been raised had already been cleared, so really, we didn’t have problem, we didn’t have much debates on those votes,” said Finance Minister Felix Mlusu.

He added that what remains now is for government to implement the financial blueprint.

“Now that the budget has passed, it now up to commence on implementation but also we want to emphasize to all controlling officers and people responsible to manage this budget prudently and must be used for the intended purpose.

“So, really, we are going to insist on financial prudence in managing the resources,” he said.

Highest vote has gone to National Local Government Finance Committee which has been allocated a provision of K336,086,590,708 on Vote 121.

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