Government reviewing chiefs’ policy

Government says it is currently reviewing chiefs’ policy to address gaps in the policy in order to meet current demands.

Director of chiefs’ administration in the Ministry of Local Government Charles Makanga said this during a capacity building session in Machinga which was organized by Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) under the Spotlight Initiative project.

Makanga said the current law does not punish chiefs in conflict with law which cripples the fight against violence subjected to women and girls.

“The country does not have code of conduct for the traditional leaders,” he said.

He thus highlighted the need to modify the law that will give code of conduct for traditional leaders to end violence against women and children.

On her part, YONECO’s Spotlight Initiative Project coordinator Rose Kamera called for collaborative efforts in dealing with the vice.

“We ought to coordinate well at community and all levels to achieve the common goal of ending violence against the targeted group,” she said.

YONECO is implementing the four month Spotlight project with financial support from UN Women through Trocaire by working with traditional and religious leader to eliminate violence against women and girls.

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