Ministry of labour should intervene-CSOs

Some quarters have asked the Ministry of Labour to swiftly address the trend of foreign nationals abusing Malawians in various working places.

This comes after the country witnessed a series of events where foreigners especially Asians were abusing Malawians with a recent case of a Chinese national who was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two Malawian women.

Speaking to YFM president for Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) Charles Kumchenga said although the Union is civic educating its members on the matter government still needs to intervene.

“Employers should not ill-treat their employees.

“We cannot tolerate such issues to be happening in this country,” Kumchenga added.

On its part, Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC) through its director Emma Kaliya blamed government and other stakeholders for delaying in addressing the matter when a study conducted in 2005 indicated how serious the matter is in this country.

“A study already indicated but people decided to ignore and pretend that it is not happening,” Kaliya said.

She has since urged Malawians to report any form of violence they might encounter in work places.

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