Opposition accuses government of bulldozing legislation

Opposition Members of Parliament have faulted government side for bulldozing legislation to their best interest.

The development follows presentation of 6 government Bills that were eventually referred to Budget and Finance and Legal Affairs committees of the House.

But in his reaction, leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda denied pulling down processes of legislation in the deliberative assembly saying that government only presented the Bills.

“What was so surprising is that members were refusing to refer the Bills to the Committees, it’s not the work of the government alone, government must prepare the Bills and they must be referred to relevant committees.

“There was no one who was bulldozing to pass these Bills today, so I am glad that they came to their senses that they even have time to scrutinise the Bills,” he said.

Chimwendo Banda added that the government side was not in hurry to pass the Bills before considering inputs from the relevant referred committees.

“Wednesday next week when they are done with the scrutiny its now when we can start deliberating the Bills, this also gives them chance to lobby with other institutions.

“I have heard and seen on the social media various quarters complaining about the Labour Relations amendment, and this is the time for their inputs but the process of legislation cannot be bulldozed, its always given a chance and its always stipulated in our standing orders,” said Chimwendo Banda.

On Friday, government presented 6 bills which are: Labour Relations (Amendment), Employment (Amendment), Political Parties (Amendment), Constitution Amendment, Parliamentary Service, and Deposit Insurance were read in the House for the first time.

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