Fedoma calls for disability inclusive Covid-19 information

The Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (Fedoma) has appealed to the public to disseminate Covid-19 information that is applicable to persons with different impairments as they are at high risks due to lack of information.

Speaking with YFM, FEDOMA’s Executive Director Symon Munde said there has been a low turnout of people in Covid-19 vaccination centers due to misinformation which has been causing fears in person with different disabilities.

“People with disability have wrong information on Covid-19 vaccine that is why they did not go out in large numbers to get the vaccination,” Munde said.

He however commended nongovernmental organizations for passing out information to people with disabilities and the task force on Covid-19 for including sign language interpreters in the awareness.

“We know there have been some other efforts that have been taken to produce this kind of information in accessible formats that has been done mostly by NGO’s much of the information has really reached most of the people with disabilities but still there is quite a big number of persons with disability which has not access the Covid-19 information.

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