CFTC gears up consumer rights awareness

The Competition and Fair-Trading Commission (CFTC) says it has registered progress in sanitising the masses on consumer rights. 

According to CFTC Acting Executive Director Apoche Itimu, people in the country are now aware about their rights and report to the Commission whenever they are violated.

“I think we have made great strides in Malawi because we have more people that people that are aware of their rights, we have more that are coming to the Commission and complaining cases about violation of their rights.

“And as CFTC we have made strides as well in giving restrictions to people that have had their rights violated, we have been able to stop enterprises from violating consumer rights,” Itimu said.

Itimu added that the Commission has instituted investigations the cooking oil industry.

“We are currently investigating the funeral services as well because we have received complaints in that regard as well as the cooking oil industry.

“So far, we have managed to do a lot of work in the first quarter and we are looking forward to the next quarter next half of the year and we are hoping to continue with sensitisation and consumer rights issues,” she said.

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