Nursery school director arrested for defiling learner

Police in Dedza have arrested a nursery school owner for defiling a 6-year-old learner.

The suspect, Austin Chilaga, told police he was influenced by Satan.

He is alleged to have given the kids assignment to mention their favourite colours before going home.

The learners did as instructed and were told to go home, leaving the child alone with the director.

When he saw that they were two in the classroom, Chilanga ordered the girl to sleep on a classroom bench and defiled her.

He then sent the child home after buying her kamba puffs in a bid to silence her.

“After two days, the child started experiencing difficulties in walking, which stimulated her mother to ask more about it. The girl named the suspect as the one responsible,” said Sergeant Cassim Manda, Dedza police deputy publicist.

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